Real Plane Videos

Harry's HID Smoke

Dave's RV-9A

Tillamook Flight

Friday Harbor

Touch and Go at Pierce County

Landing at Crest Airpark

Another Crest Landing

RC Plane Videos

Duraplane on Floats Crash

Duraplane on Floats Flight

Electric Pico Cub Fence Landing

Shrike 10 Flight

Nobler Dead Stick

SPA3D Perfect Landing

Durafloatplane On Snow

Durafloatplane On Snow Crash

New Edge-540 First Flight

Rich's Nice Shrike Save

Scott's Tiger II Solo After Complete Rebuild

Slow Stick Towing a Pico-Cub

Rich's Corsair 1st Flight Attempt

Mike's F-86 1st Flight Attempt

Mike's Homemade SCAT

My Dad's Lazybee in California

Float Flying at Lake Mendocino California

My Uncle Ken's Piccolo

Slowstick Combat at Rams Electric Flyin

46" Shockflyer "The Big Dummy"

John VH Prop Hangs the Big Dummy

John's new F-15 Taxiing at Field

Mike's Office Flyer

Rich's Electric FA-18

Scott's Corsair First Flight

Inverted Fun

Shockflyer Indoor at Work

Living Room Shockflyer

Electric Whiplash

Work Shop Shockflyer

Rich's Electric F-35 Lightning