Went flying with Darin and Harry.

Nice day for flying today but not really nice enough to really go anywhere. We had orginally thought of flying down to Mulino in Oregon but the weather was low down South. Then we were going to fly to Yakima but after take off I checked thier weather again and it had gone down to marginal VFR. With the below freezing temperatures we wouldn't have been able to get through the cloud deck without the possiblility of icing.

We ended up taking the long way to Bremerton for breakfast. We flew down towards Chehalis then past Olympia.

Harry had some spark plug fowling on the Rocket so he pulled his cowl to clean a couple of the lower plugs.

Darin's buddy rented this Cessna Skycatcher from Tacoma Narrows and swung by to visit.

This is Marv taking the TeenFlight RV-12 for a spin. They recently got it flying and are currently flying off the phase 1 hours. TeenFlight is a really neat program where kids from local high schools can build an airplane.

After breakfast we flew up around Seattle and down the East side.

Harry turned on his smoke for a minute.

When we got back to the airport Darin and I decided to do some IFR approaches. We first flew his airplane for an approach at Tacoma Narrows and one approach back at Thun. Then we jumped in my plane and did the same thing. It was nice to get some practice, seems like it'd been awhile.