Replaced PITOT then went flying with Darin and Harry.

Earlier this week I received my replacement PITOT tube from Dynon. Today I went up to the hangar about Noon and swapped it out. This is the old one.

You can either send your old one in or destroy it per the instructions.(Cut off the tubes and wires flush.) Now destroyed I have to send the picture to Dynon within 30 days so they don't charge me $250 for the replacement.

Darin and Harry came up about 2 and we decided to go for a flight. I was really bummed I didn't have my better camera because ther was some pretty spectacular scenery today. Unfortunately these were the only iPhone pics that turned out.

In other recent news, on Monday night I got night current. (3 full stop landings at least an hour after sunset.) Funny, I haven't been night current since 2006.