Flew to Sand Point Idaho with Darin and Harry

Hey a picture of me! Thanks Darin!

Most of the state was forecasted to be clear and a million but there was a thin ceiling hanging around from the South to just North of the airport.

Not long after takeoff we were clear of it all and it was spectacular!!!! Wow!!!!

At our cruising altitude of 9500ft, it started out about 16 degrees but by the time we got to the Spokane area it had dropped to 5 degrees F. My heat works pretty good most days but 5 degree air is a little too cold to heat up. We were looking forward to our descent into Sand Point.

Here is Deer Park airport just North of Spokane.

Landing video...

We decided to top off our fuel tanks before we headed to lunch.

The have a loaner car here but if you want it, you have to dig it out.

We drove into town and ate at Mr. Sub, which was pretty good.

Darin took this pretty cool picture of my plane.