Flew out by Hood Canal and the Olympics today.

It's been cold as hell lately but I wanted to go flying again before the weather turns bad. Since it was in the teens this morning, Pavco pulled the plane into the hanger at 8am so it would be thawed by 11am when I arrived. I ended up toweling of the wings knowing they would re-freeze as soon as I moved it outside. It was nice preflighting inside the hanger. Heck this was the first time I'd ever even seen the hanger.

Quite a few other planes in here too.

A little temperature inversion today. When I took off it was 28deg F on the ground and here at 3000ft it's pretty close to the same. It should be about 10deg colder up here.

Above the haze the visibility was pretty good today. In the very center of this picture you can see the smoke from the stacks in Centralia.

Just as I was entering the downwind for 17, the tower called at said "Would you like 35? Winds are calm." "Heck ya" I said.