Breakfast at Skagit with Harry and Paul.

Pretty chilly this morning, it was 22 degrees at the hangar.

Quite the temperature inversion though, at 4500ft it was 52.

That's definately freezing fog down there.

On the ground at Skagit. This is Paul's RV-6 which he is in a partnership with two other owners.

After breakfast Harry and Paul were going to head straight home so I decided to adventure out a little. I've always wanted to make the Concrete to Darrington circle and today was the perfect day to do it.

Mt Baker

This is the Concrete (Mears) Airport. I flew over the field then entered on the 45 for runway 07. (Right traffic)

After landing I back taxied to runway 07 for takeoff. (This is looking West.)

Now ready for takeoff looking East.

On final for runway 10 at Darrington.

Since the wind was calm, after landing I rolled to the end, turned around, then took off on runway 28.

This was my first time seeing the Oso mud slide. It's a lot bigger than I imagined.

Almost home, the conditions around Puyallup never really improved but the airport was still clear.

On the drive home I stopped for a little RC helicopter flying. This is my new Gaui X3. It flies amazing!