Got to do something pretty special today. My friend Jayson had told me that his uncle Herb was up from California and thought it would be cool if I could take him flying. The weather was descent today so I gave Jayson's parents a call and asked them if Herb could go flying. Herb didn't know we were planning it but said yes and was immediately grinning from ear to ear. Herb used to own a Turbo 206 and then upgraded to a twin Cessna. After about 1500 hours he ended up losing his medical and pretty much had to hang up flying. I asked Herb when he sold his plane and he said, "I think it was 1974 or 1975." Herb is now 88. I picked him up on South Hill and we drove to Crest and rented a 172. We flew out towards Vashon Island and then back to Crest. Not a long flight or anything but I've never had a happier passenger. He just smiled a lot and continually commented how beautiful everything looked. It was very cool.