Flew down to Scappoose

The weather has been pretty crummy lately and the days are short. Today there were some showers around but overall it was pretty decent. Well except for the strong wind out of the South.

The radar was showing less showers down South so I decided to head for Oregon.

Approaching 5500ft the winds were up to 40knots out of the South. Slow going with all the headwind but hey I was flying!!

Since I haven't been there in awhile, I decided to land at Scappoose. Weird day as the winds on the ground were calm.

On way back I flew through several showers and was seeing tailwinds around 50 knots. That sounds nice but it was bumpy as hell and I felt like I was getting beat up all the way home.

I don't regret going flying today as I really needed it, but honestly when I landed I was glad to be done.