A whole day of flying related stuff. Robert was going to be at his hanger so I went up hung out awhile. Since one day I am going to start on an RV of my own, I wanted to give some building a try. Not really building, but drilling, dimpling, countersinking, clekoing, and riveting. Since I have only pop riveted, I have been anxious to try some solid rivets. I did my first couple with a hand squeezer, then tried a pneumatic squeezer, then finally tried the rivet gun with a bucking bar. All very cool. I'm sure it gets pretty old though by the time you rivet an entire airplane. After messing around for awhile Robert said he would take me up in the RV-8A.

Robert has been working on his wheel pants.

Nice looking plane! You can see my seat sitting on the wing, a couple of pillows. He is still working on getting his interior complete.

Nick flew the Beech Skipper over from Spanaway.

Holding short of runway 34 at Pierce County

A closeup of Nick in the Skipper. (Wish the whole plane made it in the picture)

Me in the back

And Robert in the front

These are all the logs piled up by the dam at Alder Lake. They are pulling them out and burning them. They have a long ways to go!

Since there were no boats we did a fairly low pass down the lake.

Back at Pierce County. Man what a sweet plane, he did such a nice job! He let me fly it for a bit, and it was very tight and responsive.

I went home for awhile and then decided to go flying myself

Summer is over and Lake Tapps is pretty well drained

All the cement and dump trucks lined up nicely at Corlis