Flew to Desert Aire with Chad, Bekah, and Steve from Ellensburg.

Since Chad and Bekah were coming down from Everett, we decided to meet at 3000ft over Fall city airport at 10am. We then climbed to 9500ft and followed I-90 to Ellensburg over Snoqualmie Pass. Steve who lives in Ellensburg joined up with us 9500ft over Ellensburg at 10:20.

Got a couple decent pics of Chad and Bekah on the way over.

I was surprised to see it pretty socked in around the Columbia. Desert Aire is over here.

It ended up being fine at and around the airport so we all landed no problem.

Here is Steve's 9. Kind of rare really, most people build who build 9's build the 9A. Steve build a really nice airplane!

Last time I was here Lane and I had to park on the West end of the field because they were building this new parking area. This is the new East end parking area. It turned out really nice and shortened our walk to the restaurant by exactly 3665 ft. :)

We all had a great breakfast and a nice visit.