Flew up to Snoqualmie Falls with my friends wife Sheila. Everytime Scott and I go she says "When do I get to go?" Today I had no intention on flying but when I left the house it was pretty clear. I turned around and grabbed my flight stuff just incase. The weather looked like it would hold out so I had Scott ask his wife if she wanted to go and she said "Hell ya". So it worked out and we took off about 10:30am. I could see Sheila getting her license someday, she really liked it.

I rented this plane from Tacoma Narrows. I was hoping for a 172SP but one was already rented and the other was getting its 100hr inspection. This is a 172M. Really the only difference between this and the N models I normally fly that I saw was the electric flap switch. This one you have to hold down to deploy the flaps and there is an indicator on the panel of the flaps position. Hold it down till you get what you want and then let go. On the N and later models they have a lever you just put in the position you want, and then the flaps will go to that position and stop. I also had a hell of a time getting this thing started. I don't think anyone had flown it in a week or so and it was a bear. Once it started though, it ran like a dream. Pretty inexpensive too, just $96 per hour.

On downwind heading northbound

Snoqualmine Falls. Some picts are a little blurry but you can blame Sheila. I was flying, she was taking the pictures. Most turned out pretty good I thought.

The aftermath of all the flooding last week

At Pavco they fuel and put away the planes when your done. Kind of nice, especially when your supposed to be at work.