Had planned to take the plane apart today and get a couple of things taken care of. It was still dark when I showed up at the hangar but it looked like it was going to be pretty nice. Better not take anything apart just yet. :)

It wasn't hard to talk the RV into going flying.

29 degrees and clear. I ended up bombing around to the SW of Eatonville and did some rolls. Nice! Not a sole in the sky this morining. I think everyone was sleeping in for the extra hour.

Kapowsin Field

OK where was I? I started by removing the top cowl.

Then the bottom.

One of the to do items is to remove the fuel servo and send it to Precision Airmotive for an adjustment. All indications are it's a little lean and contributing to higher CHT's on climbout. Aerosport had me test it by flying full throttle full rich while straight and level. Bart said I should be seeing somewhere between 16.5 and 18 gallons an hour. The most I've seen is just under 16. Precision is in Marysville and they'll adjust it for free and only have it for one day.

Something else I'd like to do is to make the exuast hangers better. The hose clamped rubber hose seems to slide eventually causing the exaust to sag. I had previously doubled up on the hose clamps but it didn't really help.

Someone on the forums said he flared his and it helped a lot so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Back to single hose clamps near the flares ought to do it. We'll see.

Since the plane will be out of service anyway, I decided to send my D120 engine monitor back to Dynon. It works great by itself but won't share data with the D100 EFIS. I diagnosed the problem 7 months ago with Dynon and they believe it's the RS-232 chip they've seen problems with. A free warranty repair, I just haven't wanted to give to give up flying to send it in. Here I'm backing up the settings and downloading the data just incase they default it.

So far I have 87.5 hours on the plane and I really couldn't be happier. Hopefully getting these couple things fixed up will make it even better.