Flew down to The Dalles, Oregon.
From Wikipedia "The name of the city comes from the French word dalle (meaning either "sluice" or "flagstone") and referring to the columnar basalt rocks carved by the river"

I've flown over the Dalles airport quite a few times now but never took the time to land. It's also usually pretty windy as the Columbia gorge is a channel cut between typically different pressure systems. Today it was calm.

With the calm wind the river was like glass.

Per the NOTAM, Runway 7 and 25 is closed along with some of the taxiways. I landed on Runway 31.

Turning final for 31.

I think my GoPro vibrated down a little during the flight so it's aimed just a little low.

I decided to head back on the East side and headed North East towards Goldendale then onto Yakima and Ellensburg.