A Full Day of Flying

Having not flown in 2 1/2 weeks I was definately due. (Work trip to Florida then crummy weather.) Today was forecasted to be decent and it ended up being perfect flying weather. I even got to turn on my heat in flight which I haven't done in a long time.

First thing in the morning I called Harry and to see if he wanted to bomb around a little. We flew up over Alder Lake and then up to the Renton Airport.

Harry took a few good pictures of me in flight.

Turning Downwind at Renton

On an extended Base for traffic

Taxiing back to runway 16

Waiting to takeoff. For only being like 9:45 in the morning the airport was a circus. A new 737 was trying to takeoff and Renton's airspace was inundated with small airplanes. The gal in the tower even made a comment to the 737 that she would get them out after the airshow. :)

Flying back to Thun

We hung around the airport a bit and waited for Darin to show up so we could all fly to lunch together. We decided on the Flyers Restaurant at Skagit / Bayview Airport.

The pumpkin patch on the Orting highway caused like a 30 minute backup. (Just ask Darin)

Flyers Restaurant is the red building.

A little formation

On the way home we swung by Tacoma Narrows airport to say hi to Martin and check out his hangar.

Here is Martin's new (to him) RV-4. Very nice airplane that is full IFR. We're all really looking forward to flying with Martin!

What a fun day!