IFR to Bremerton

Today for fun I flew IFR to Bremerton. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get out of Thun because there was taxiway work scheduled from 2pm to 7pm. I decided to take my chances and was surprised to see that no work was being done at all when I got to the airport. Cool so I filed for a 5pm departure, did my preflight, got my clearance, and I was off. Today since the wind was out of the north I decided to give the RNAV (GPS) RWY 2 at Bremerton a try for the first time.

Nothing too special about this approach, it was easy peasy. There was a Cessna that shot it just before I did and Approach told them to keep their speed up.

After my low approach they cleared me IFR back to Thun Field. Looking ahead it looked like I might get into some clouds during the procedure turn...

well not quite, I ended up probably 50ft above them. It looked really cool though.

After cancelling IFR in the air and doing a low approach at Thun, I went and bombed around a little for fun. I saw this warehouse fire on the hill in Auburn.

What a perfect evening for flying. Too bad the days are getting so short.