Was in Marco Island, Florida for a week long work conference. I asked the hotel where the closest airport was and they said it was Marco Island Airport (KMKY). Although not actually on the island, it was only 7 miles from our hotel. Instead of doing a check out so I could rent a plane, I just took thier flight instructor along. He is a local school teacher and a really cool guy.

We flew this 1981 172P

This is the runup area for runway 35. Although the runway is 5000ft long and 100ft wide, there are no taxiways.

Landing traffic

This is the Marriot Hotel we stayed at

Kind of a cool island. There are tons of homes with boats right in the back yard. Insteat of alleys, most have waterways.

The Everglades

Kind of tough to see but there is a fan boat right in the middle of the picture.

This is Everglade City which is about an hour drive from our hotel. We did a fan boat ride here yesterday. Flying here today only took about 15 minutes.

This is just off the coast and is called "10,000 islands".

Everglades Airpark (X01)

After we landed back at Marco Island, this Gulfstream 550 landed behind us. I believe the big wigs for our conference were on it since the plane is owned by Honeywell International.