IFR to Chehalis

Today was a nice day for flying so I decided to fly IFR to Chehalis.

Here is my radar track from FlightAware

Quite a few people in line for fuel because, wait for it......

100LL is $3.90 a gallon!!! Yahoo that is cheap!!!

What the heck is that on my dash? I keep forgetting to talk about it but it is a Stratux. Stratux is the poor mans version of the Stratus which is something you can buy to receive free ADS-B weather and traffic. (ADS-B is a huge subject so if your interested you should probably just Google it.) The Stratux is essentially a Raspberry Pi with 2 antennas that sends the information it receives via wifi to Foreflight on my iPad. I've been playing around with it for the last couple of months and it works really good. I recently added the 2nd antenna so now I can receive both 978Mhz and 1090Mhz. So far I'm into it about $140. Anyway I should be finalizing everything pretty soon and will find a good place to mount it permanently.

Here I am flying along (I'm the blue F-22 Raptor) and the Stratux is receiving the weather and traffic in the area.

The 1090Mhz antenna is picking up all the airliners on the ground at Sea-Tac.