Flew up around Eatonville towards Alder Lake with Trinna and the kids. Very stable air but very, very hazy.

Ready to go

Some of the haze. We haven't had any wind in a couple of days

First Officer Trinna

In flight snacks. Lauren would not keep her headset on today.

Alder Lake with Mt St. Helens way off in the distance

2W3 is Swanson field in Eatonville

I can pull it Dad!

Oh maybe not

Ok dad you pull and I'll drive

I didn't get a picture of it but on the way back I was over Lake Tapps northbound at about 2500ft. Trinna saw a plane off to our left a couple of hundred feet that was also northbound. It was Harry in his Harmon Rocket. He blazed by us got up a head a bit, pulled back and did an aileron roll right in front of us. He decended quite a bit and I could see him flying low around Lake Tapps. I haven't got to ever meet Harry yet but he is friends with my friend Nick and Robert. (The guy who just finished his RV-8) Anyway very cool to see from the air.