Night Currency

With the days getting shorter I decided to get night current tonight. The deal is, I can fly at anytime day or night but if I want to carry a passenger I have to be "current". "Current" means 3 takeoffs and landings in the preceeding 90 days. The same goes for night, if I want to take a passenger at night I need to have had 3 night takeoffs and landings at night withing the preceeding 90 days. Night, by definition of the FAA, is 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise. (Twilight doesn't count.)

I usually preflight with just the small light on to help get my eyes adjusted.

I pulled it out just after 7pm, about 20 minutes past sunset. This way I can make a few landings and get used to everything again before it is dark.

The Gopro isn't fantastic at night but it worked well enough for a video. This was my 3rd and final night landing.

Altogether I did 7 landings tonight. 4 as it was getting darker, and 3 once it was completely dark. (1 hour after sunset) Good times!