Just got home this afternoon from the Reno Air Races. That story here.

Trinna took the kids swimming so I had a little free time to go fly the RV.

Paul took off just before me. Pretty similar paintjob on his 9A.

I hadn't planned on it but it looked like I could get just a little actual IFR if I flew the GPS approach back in.

I flew even closer to the beginning of the approach and sure enough it looked overcast.


I flew down to Chehalis for fun and then tried to get a "pop up" IFR clearance for the way back. I called Seattle Approach and they said I'd need to contact Seattle Center. When I called Seattle Center they were really buried. The gal told me to "stand by" and then she forgot all about me. (maybe purposely.) Oh well no big deal I'll just fly back VFR.

What a great evening for flying. I'm loving the cooler air!