Flew to Friday Harbor with Harry, Marv, Darin, and Robert. We met Chad and Bekah at the Friday Harbor airport.

Today's flight was kind of on a whim. While at work on Wednesday I looked at the weekend forecast and it was supposed to be really nice on Sunday. Figuring we couldn't possible have that many nice days left this Summer,(we've had a ton) I thought Friday Harbor would be a perfect last hurrah. Not knowing who would even be available, I went ahead and invited 5 friends. To my surprise everyone was available! What a great day of flying! I didn't even realize it but today actually was the last day of Summer.

Chad and Bekah's RV-7

After a great lunch at the Friday's Crabhouse we walked down to the marina.

On the way home we did some formation practice.

The great news is that the Fall flying season starts tomorrow!!