Return trip home from Reno

We stopped to fill up the rental car before returning it.

We only burned 5 gallons the whole time. Pretty impressive!

Just starting to get light when we got to the airport.

Inside Dayton's hangar. We left him a 12 pack of Corona to say thank you. Although we talked to him on the phone, we never got to actually meet him.

We took off right at 7am again.

Pretty spectacular,

but lots of smoke still around.

Lane decided to build a couple of the little airplanes he bought.

Hey we can actually see Crater Lake!

We slowed down a bit to wait for Chad to catch up. He took off from Reno International just a little after 7am.

We decided to stop at Sun River for a bathroom break and Chad continued on.

Oooo, left over pizza.

Pretty hazy from all the smoke.

The big forest fire South East of Portland.