Flew to Electric City with Chad, Bekah, Darin, and his son Travis.

I've done this trip several times before but really enjoy it. This was Chad and Bekahs first time there.

We flew up to Snoqualmie to meet Chad and Bekah in the air. (They were coming down from Everett.)

There are still several large TFR's for fire fighting. We were hoping it wouldn't be too smoky with the forecasted SE wind.

It wasn't too bad but the canyons and valleys definately had more smoke. This is on the 45 entry to runway 3 and you can't even make out the airport.

Chad took a couple of pictures when I landed..

We checked out the airport manager's really nice RV-7.

Couple of planes camping just west of the runway.

We drove the airport car to Flo's Cafe in Grand Coulee.

The smoke had cleared out quite a bit by the time we got back from lunch.

What a fun trip! That'll be it on the flying for a bit. Next week the airport is closed for some resurfacing work and next weekend we're driving to the Reno Air Races.