Lane got some money for his birthday and wanted to buy this longboard and wakeskate list off of Craigslist. Only problem was they are in Arlington. Wait! That's no problem! So I buzzed up after work to pick them up.

While I was taxiing these military helicopters flew right over the field.

Clear skies but very hazy today.

On the ground at Arlington.

I waited around about 5 minutes and the guy showed up.

I left the passenger seatback at the hangar and it worked out perfect.

This Pilatus pulled onto the runway just as I was completing my runup. Sweet!

I flew at 5500ft on the way home and the visibility was a lot better. Looking out not down.

The Puyallup Fair

Crummy picture but this is one of Bill's helicopters. (Microsoft) I'd seen it at Bremerton a couple of weeks ago and Harry told me that the "W" and "M" in the tail number was for "William" and "Melinda". Maybe they flew to the Hangar Inn for some fine dining. :)

Happy kid