Flew IFR in VFR conditions to Ellensburg. Crossed over the Ellensburg VOR and did a full procedure VOR-B approach. Not my best approach to date, although it worked out fine. A fair amount of work to do once "cleared for the approach" by ATC. I was flying at the MEA (Minimum Enroute Altitude) of 9000ft MSL when I was cleared and crossed over the Ellensburg VOR. After crossing the VOR eastbound you turn to a heading of 084 and can then begin you decent to 5700ft. You fly outbound for 2 minutes then turn right to to a heading of 129. After another minute you turn left to a heading of 309 and can decend down to 4300ft MSL. You set your VOR OBS to 264 and intercept the inbound course to the VOR. When you cross the VOR you turn to a heading of 260 and decend to the MDA (Minimum Descent Altitude) of 3260ft. Then if you have the airport in site, you can decend and land. I had no intention of landing, I just wanted to do a low approach. Anyway a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.

Just off Crest climbing to 9000ft MSL.

Kachess Lake

Cle Elum Lake

Flying over Ellensburg after the low approach

Westbound into the sun. Nice to be on an IFR flight plan with ATC giving traffic advisories. I'm always looking for traffic though.

You can see the distant forest fires