If the weather cooperates next weekend we are planning on flying down to the Reno Air Races. Since I'm about 6 hours away from my oil change I figured I might as well get it taken care of now. Another thing I want to check into is my front tire, it seems to be slowly losing pressure.

First things first, I gotta warm up the oil. I took off about 6:45am and it was spectacular! I haven't been able to get much early morning flying in this summer and man I miss it.

Perfect air and nobody flying.

Cowl off for the oil change.

The best way to get the front up is to pull the back down. Easy!

I coudn't find anything obvious with the tire or the tube so I went ahead and just installed a new tube. I'll take the old tube home and put it in the sink and see where it is leaking.

With everything taken care of I took it up for a quick flight to verify all was well. No oil leaks and so far the front tire looks good. I'm planning on swinging by later this week to double check the tire before our Reno trip.