IFR to Bellingham

Today we decided to go somewhere we hadn't been before. I actually did land one time at Bellingham during my private pilot training on my night cross country, but haven't ever been back. For practice we decided to fly up IFR even though it was a beautiful clear day. Harry rode along with Darin.

Darin went first and ATC held me back for about 5 minutes.

Here is my flight track from flightaware.com. They vectored me to the west of the Class B airspace for awhile and then direct to Everett then on to Bellingham.

It started to get pretty smokey up around Skagit.

I went ahead and flew the GPS Runway 16 approach into Bellingham.

We asked the gal at the desk if there were any good restaurants around and she suggested the Holiday Inn that was just a block away. Good enough for us, so we walked over there.

Pretty nice place!

After lunch we flew home VFR.

In hind site we should have flown up VFR and home IFR. It was very very smokey just South of Arlington all the way home.

We were able to get on top of it for most of the flight which was nice.

Back underneath as we were approaching home.