This morning I had a 172SP from Tacoma Narrows scheduled at 7am. I woke up and checked the weather. Looked good, but pretty windy. I decided to drive over anyway and got there about 6:30. Sure enough the wind was really blowing. Reminded me of eastern Washington. The wind was 350 at 16kts gusting to 24kts. Too much for my liking so I waited until 7am and told Pavco I wouldn't be going. I looked at the schedule for the possibility of an afternoon flight but they were booked. So I drove to work. At 9am I called Crest airpark and they had a 172N I could rent at 4:30. The rest is history. I didn't end up really going anywhere, I just flew around the east side a little, did a touch and go at Auburn and came back to Crest. Pretty stiff crosswind on the landing but manageable.

Lately I have noticed that most of the planes in the fleet do not have wheel pants anymore. I ran into the mechanic and he said that they decided it's just easier for everyone with them off. Easier preflight, easier maintenance, etc. I agree but I sure think the planes look better with them. Oh well.

Almost all of Lake Tapps

Covington, Crest Airpark, and Mt Raineer

When I got to Crest these guys were just getting ready to take off. I talked to them a little bit about the helicopter and it is a Schweizer 300C. They were from Airwork LLC located at Auburn airport. I asked what it costs for the helicopter and an instructor and he said about $250.00 per hour. I thought it was right around there. Pretty dang expensive. As much as I would like to be able to fly helicopters, I could never afford it. $105.00 per hour for an airplane doesn't seem so expensive now. (Even though it still is.)