My brother and his family were vacationing in Redmond, OR and invited us to come down again. This year Trinna was able to go too, so we left Friday after work.

Clearing up quickly as we flew through the gorge

Turning South over the Dalles

Big forest fire buring right around the corner with a TFR.

Pretty hazy with all the smoke

Another little fire

Madras Airport

All tied up at Redmond. (KRDM)

The house they rented this year was right next the the one they had last year.

Always beautiful sunsets

In morning we left about 6:30 to go waterskiing in Lake Billy Chinook. It was spectacular!!

There is even a Slalom waterski course

We drove to Bend later in the day.

We took off about 2pm as thunder showers were forecast later in the afternoon.