Got checked out in a 172SP today at Pavco located on Tacoma Narrows Airport. Really nice new plane. Leather seats, GPS, Autopilot, Electric Trim, Fuel Injection, and all the nice stuff. The CFI that did my checkout was Erin. She had me do steep turns, a power off stall, a power on stall, and a simulated engine failure. Then we headed back to Tacoma Narrows for some touch and gos. After the 2nd touch and go, we were on downwind and she pulled my engine again. I made a nice power off landing and that was it. I'm good to go in their 172SP and older 172M models during the day VFR. They would like to do an additional IFR checkout before letting me go in actual IMC conditions. Understandable I guess.

Only one pict today since it was a checkout. Next time I'll get some good pictures of the interior and panel.