Burger Burn Formation Flight

Unfortunately our formation leader John Brick passed away last Saturday from brain cancer. I was asked if I wanted to be part of his missing man formation at his funeral and I said I'd be honered to. John was the one who got the whole formation flight thing going at EAA-326 and he tought me everything I know about it. Having not flown formation in awhile, we all got together last Tuesday for some practice and today was our annual EAA-326 burger burn. Usually a group of guys get together for some formation passes during the BBQ but today we also did a missing man pass for John. We had 4 airplanes from Cascade Flight (Our chapter), 3 Black Jacks from Arlington, and 3 airplanes up from Oregon. We all joined up above Eatonville before making the passes. Hopefully with both the practice earlier in the week and today, we'll be all ready for his funeral on Tuesday.

Lane rode along today and took these pictures.

Some pictures from people on the ground. I'm top right in the picture.

Pretty cool because the guy pulling up for the missing man today was actually flying John Brick's RV-4. (He recently purchased it.)

A great picture that someone else took.