Flew to the Oregon Zoo with Lauren

Well we actually we flew to Hillsboro and then rode the Tri Met train.

Really nice day...

but we filed and flew IFR anyway. Cruising along on autopilot.

Just landed at Hillsboro

The Tri Met train is a 1/3 mile or so accross the street from the airport. It's cheap, just $5 all day for me and just $2.50 all day for Lauren.

You can really get around the greater Portland area on the train.

We were pretty hungry so we decided to ride past the Oregon Zoo and into downtown Portland for lunch.

We ended up eating some awesome gyros.

After another short train ride we were back at the zoo stop.

I didn't take a lot of pictures of the animals but Lauren did on her camera.

Back at the Hillsboro Airport

What a great day with Lauren!