Since I got my instrument rating I haven't filed a VFR flightplan. Today I thought I would do that and practice some good old "Pilotage" and "Dead Reckoning". I picked Shelton as a destination since I haven't been that way in a while.

Heading westbound over Auburn

New Narrows Bridge progess

You can see the ship with all the bridge deck pieces

Tacoma Narrows Airport

Nice cloud reflections

On Final for Runway 23 at Shelton

Shelton after a touch and go

Me, happier than I look in this picture

There is a little runway between these houses with an "X" on it, which means it's closed.(Hard to see)s A couple months ago I remember seeing this aerial shot on the news when a small plane took off and couldn't climb. It crashed it the mud and both guys walked out. Not sure what this private strip is or was called as it isn't on the chart.

The Purdy bridge

Just put the plane away