Mobridge to Oshkosh, WI

Got a great night of sleep and we were off just as the sun came up about 6:20am. It was sure nice out!

It didn't take long at all for Lane to fall back asleep.

About an hour into the flight there was a broken ceiling about 6500 ft msl. I had to decide if I wanted to stay above it or fly under it.

I chose under to get out of the sun for awhile and the scenery was better.

I'm always amazed how much water there is in Minnesota.

The Mississippi River

Just about to Ripon. Maintain 90kts and 1800ft msl. Three visible airplanes in front of me. Winds at Oshkosh were 360 at about 12kts. I'm hoping at Fisk they give me runway 36.

Nope.. they gave me runway 27. Oh well nowhere better to practice crosswind landings than Oshkosh with hundreds of people watching. :)

Turning right downwind for runway 27.

Turning base to final with a clearance to land on the orange dot.

After they taxied me the wrong way on the grass for awhile, they finally got it right and turned me around.

Now holding short of 27 for what seemed like 50 airplanes to land.

They're also holding short on the other side.

Finally rolling again.

Parked and all set up!