Spokane to Mobridge, SD

We got a pretty decent start and took off about 7:20am.

Lake Coeur d'Alene

Just past Coeur d'Alene, Lane was out.

Missoula, MT

Landing at Townsend, MT for fuel.

Gas had dropped 5 cents a gallon since last time I was here and is now $5.10 a gallon. Wow $1.14 a gallon cheaper than Pierce County Airport.

We didn't hang around at all and were soon on our way to South Dakota.

This was kind of in the middle of nowhere. Lot's of cows enjoying the pond.

Mobridge is just east of the Missouri River shown here.

Mobridge Airport

We took the courtesy car to Subway for lunch.

Inside the FBO.

The weather at Oshkosh this evening was very gusty with scattered thunder showers so we decided to hang out and camp here for the night. The forecast for the morning looked a lot better.