Flew to Spokane with Lane for our family reunion.

Although we were only going to the reunion for one day, we had enough stuff to continue on to Oshkosh, WI for Airventure afterwards.

The baggage area isn't huge but it really seems to be about the perfect size for a weeks worth of camping. (No food though other than snacks)

A few build ups a little south of our route.

You would have never guessed it on a day like today, but the temperature at 9500ft was only 43 degrees F. We actually had to turn on the heat for most of the trip.

My first time into Felts Field in Spokane. The tower had us land on runway 22L.

All tied down until Sunday.

Earlier in the week my Aunt asked my Dad if he could turn this canoe into a Viking ship. He did a great job and the kids loved it!