Another Jeff famous 6am flight. Well not quite. The weather had been spectacular for weeks and crystal clear. I woke up about 4:30am to blue sky and got ready to go. Right before I walked out the door at 5am, I thought I would check the weather on-line before I called Flight Service during my drive. To my surprise just about everywhere was IFR. Seatac, Tacoma, Ft Lewis, Paine, etc. How could this be, it's blue sky here. Well I didn't have to do much driving to see that the marine layer had come in and was still moving eastbound. I called flight service on the drive and they told me exactly what I'd seen online. It was expected to continue to move in but was currently west of I-5, North of Renton, and South of Puyallup. Since the weather was so nice in Auburn, and Renton I thought we would go for it. We only had an hour anyway and Jayson wanted to take his temp secretary up for a short ride before she had to go back to school in Texas. We would just hang around Black Diamond and Enumclaw with Crest Airpark always in site. If it got bad in a hurry for any reason, I had the Tacoma Narrows instrument approach plate ready to go. (Soo nice being instrument rated now) It ended up being great. The marine layer was only about 400ft thick and it was blue sky above as far as you could see. This layer was around 1500 ft so we just cruised around at 2500. It was very easy to see and we just kept a close eye on it. After about and hour of cruising around we decided to call good and head to work. We landed, fueled up, and headed for work. By the time I got on Highway 18, the overcast marine layer had mad it to Crest. Perfect timing!

Everyone had a great time and the only bummer was we only took one picture after the flight.