Airventure 2016 Days 3 to 7

Breakfast of champions.

Darin's high school friend from Montana flew this Sherpa in. It is a smoke jumper plane.

Cherokee mass arival.

Red Hamilton from Fort Bragg.

Unfortunately this Mooney had a gear up landing. He actually landed with the gear down but then it collapsed. (Maybe he accidently retracted it? Not sure.) Definately a bummer though.

Sunday arrivals were an absolute circus. Believe it or not, all these airplanes are on final for runway 27.

This was the closest thing I saw to a bad accident. "Grumman go around! Go around!"


Even the ground crews were being challenged with all the arrivals.

This guy had to go around 3 times due to all the incoming airplanes.

By Sunday evening it had really filled up. So full they were actually turning GA airplanes away. I guess this used to happen quite a bit, but this was my year experiencing it.

Waiting for the Third Eye Blind concert to start.