Oshkosh 2017 Day 3

We drug our feet a little to let the low ceilings improve both here and at Oshkosh.

The ceiling started out pretty scattered but ended up becoming more and more undercast. I don't mind flying over undercast but it's a little sketchy when it goes all the way to the surface.

Many of the airports below the clouds were reporting LIFR which means the ceiling is less than 500ft and or the visiblity is less than 1 mile. Even being instrument rated there aren't a lot of good options if you need to make an emergency landing somewhere. I talked everyone into flying a little more Northeast so we could not only be safer but also have a way to get under without an IFR clearance.

To the North the ceiling broke up nicely and we had no problem getting under to get to RIPON. (the start of the Oshkosh FISK arrival procedure)

Here is a video of the arrival.

Yeehaw! Welcome to Oshkosh!