7/21/12 to 7/25/12

Airventure 2012 Oshkosh Wisconsin
Days 3 through 7

I decided to get fuel right away so we could leave anytime. In hindsight I could of waited as I probably lost a couple of gallons in the heat of the days.

The shower building

Now that's a BBQ!

My favorite RV-10 at Airventure.

Don't see a jet powered BD-5 everyday

We found some bikes that previous campers has left behind. A little air in the tires and they were good to go.

Nice to get out of the heat and spend a couple hours in the EAA Museum.

Pioneer Airport is also on the grounds.

40 Years for Van's Aircraft

It's diffucult to convey by pictures how big this event really is. Here is the Google Earth image from last year. We are parked in homebuilt camping about here...

And this is how big the whole place is...

This airplane is not a toy. :)

Setting up for the Steve Miller Band performance.

The all new RV-14A!

The trams around here are life safers.

The Warbird area.

The North 40. Tons of airplanes over here.

Piper Cub anyone?

The bus to the Seaplane base.

Back at Oshkosh field.

We had wanted to check out the Ultralight area, and when we got there it was Helicopter time. Some of these little things are sweet!

Meeting at the Flight Service Station to look at tomorrows forecast for our departure.