Airventure 2017 Day 1

This year we headed out on Thursday (My birthday!) at about 2pm. (Darin, Martin, and myself)

The mountains were obstructed so we all filed IFR to Helena Montana with the same route. ATC ended up spacing us out by about 5 minutes. ATC was very busy as you can hear in this video. We all enjoyed this "real world" IFR departure.

Once we were all in the clear in Eastern Washington we all cancelled IFR.

Near Missoula there were about 6 forest fires burning and it was very smokey from here all the way to Helena.

Here is a video of our landing in Helena.

Our plan was to spend the night in Helena and get an early start in the morning. Victor (RV-9A) and his dad met us in Helena.

Hotel shuttle.

We thought we'd take our picture next to this cowboy. Welcome to Montana!