Airventure 2012 Oshkosh Wisconsin
Day 1

Loaded and ready to go


We ended up departing from Thun Field about 11:30am. The clouds were starting to burn off but we weren't really able to climb until we found a nice opening east of Renton. Once above it was beautiful as far as you could see.

Not far from Quincy

My 2 for $4 Walmart sunscreens really worked great.

Coeur D Alene, Idaho

Following I-90 east into the mountains.

Pretty much over Helena at this point and headed to Townsend, MT at the bottom of the lake ahead.

On final for 34 at Townsend

We landed just before the RV-1 and 2 RV-12s that came from Van's. They're also on the way to Oshkosh where the RV-1 will be retired and donated to the EAA Museum. Since there is no taxiway at Townsend we rolled to the end and waited for everyone to land before back taxiing.

Cheapest fuel I've ever seen, and ever did see the rest of the trip.

Local Brian put on a BBQ for the RV-1 group which we also attended.

Brian built a very nice RV-7. (on right)

Townsend (8U8) has a nice pilot's lounge and complimentary van.

Our campsite.

After the BBQ and setting up camp, we took the van to town to grab some beers and food for breakfast.

We did pretty good today.
474 Nautical Miles
24.35 Gallons of 100LL
3 Hours, 8 Minutes