Flew with Nick (Safety Pilot) to Paine field and shot 2 localizer 16R approaches. (The glideslope on the ILS 16R was inoperative.) We then went direct to Renton and shot 1 NDB runway 15 and did a full stop. Then we departed VFR southbound and went and did a touch and go at Auburn runway 34. Total flight 2.1 hours. I wore the hood and logged 3 instrument approaches, 1.7 hours of simulated instrument, and .1 hours of actual instrument.

Reduced visibility in a rain shower

My friend Nick

Slowed down to 90 knots getting ready for my assigned base turn from ATC.

On final for Runway 16R at Paine

On final for Runway 15 at Renton

A cool hovercraft on the ground at Renton

Very cool trucks they made into trailers to get floatplanes out of Lake Washington

This is at the North end of the runway, you can see the water trail from the float plane launch.