Flew from Arlington to Wenatchee.

The winds aloft today were light but the temperature drop was excessive leading the possibility of build ups in the Cascades. We saw some pretty tall clouds down South closer to Mt. Rainier but our route looked great and ended up being quite smooth.

We pretty much followed highway 2 over Stevens Pass.

It was 53 degrees F at our cruising altitude of 9500ft. It felt pretty nice after the warm weekend.

Pretty big TFR for the fire just North West of the airport near Lake Entiat.

Lane's swim meet pool.

The cool air didn't last long at it was 93 by the time we got in the pattern at Wenatchee. Wow the vents felt like a hair dryer. On the ground at 7:30P it was still 97.

Quite a bit of helicopter activity for the fire.

After dropping Lane off I headed for home. I had originally planned at least spending the night but the forecast looked like the airport would be pretty socked in by smoke in the morning. The forecast for Sunday afternoon was calling for 105. No thanks!

Since it was still so hot out, I opted for a straight out shallow climb to the East. You can still see the low water levels at Sunland and all along the Columbia.

Pretty spectacular flight home.