2016 Arlington Flyin

We've been watching the weather all week and this morning we actaully threw in the towel. Then I looked again and decided we should go for it. Worst case is we'd get a little wet. Looking at the radar we figured if we could get up there before 6pm or so we'd beat the rain coming from the west.
Just a few showers while we took off and enroute.

Dry at Arlington!

We managed to get everything set up before the rain so bring it on, we're ready!

As forecast it did start raining not too long after we got all set up. No problem now. After about 8pm it stopped raining and we had a pretty nice evening. We even stayed up and watched all of the Minions movie.

Friday ended up being a pretty nice day. Only sunny here and there but overall comfortable and dry.

This was Johnson and Johnson's corporate DC-3. Pretty high end for the day.

We had planned to go out to Mexican food tonight. While waiting for the shuttle, a guy came along and offered us a free ride in this new Suburban donated by Arlington Chevrolet for the flyin. Sweet!

The rain came back big time just after 2am Saturday morning and it woke me up. I snapped a screen shot of the radar at 2:25am. Man was it coming down! Not a drop in the tent though, so glad I bought a good one!

By morning it was decent again and we had another dry day on Saturday.

Team Rocket got some new vinyl.

Pretty cool, this Long EZ was in the airshow doing aerobatics.

The owner of RC Groups and Flying Giants flew his Extra in the airshow.

Darin won a well deserved Champion award for his RV-9A.

We had a great flight home with just a few sprinkles here and there.

I think Lane's selfie sums up the weekend nicely.

So glad we decided to go.