Flew to Superior Montana to Golf with Darin and Harry.

Still pretty overcast around Pierce County but we were able to find a nice opening.

Crossing the Cascades just South of Stampede Pass.

Entering the Rockies just Southeast of Coeur d'Alene.

The Mullan Pass VOR.

I was second to land at Mineral County Airport.

Darin's dad picked us up again and we all ate at Durango's.

Here is the Trestle the course was named after.

Yep I pretty much suck at golf. Had a blast though and managed to get a few nice shots.

By the time we left it had began to sprinkler and we flew through a couple of showers heading West.

Once West of the Rockies it really cleared up.

What a great day with great friends. It seems surreal that we can just fly to all the way to Montana, play golf, and get home at a decent hour the same day.