Great day today. After some 8:30 in the morning stalls and aileron rolls I headed back to the hangar to re-calibrate my left fuel tank. (Re-calibrating the tank had nothing to do with the stalls or rolls, just something I've been needing to do.)

After that I headed to Hoquiam for lunch.

Runway 6 at Hoquiam. I can't remember the last time I landed this way. The winds always seem to favor runway 24.

The picture doesn't do this Taco Salad justice. It was huge! I can eat and I only got halfway through it.


Grayland wind mills

Now I know why they call it Long Beach. :)

Port of Ilwaco airport (triangle in the middle of the picture)


On the ground at Toledo

Bummer to see this sitting outside. Big bucks to build one of these.

The runway is great but the taxiway is like an old bumpy farm road.