Flew IFR to Arlington with Trinna and Kids

The plan was to fly to Camano Island to see my Dad and Stepmom. I knew the clouds were going to be low so my plan was to file IFR to Arlington. If the weather was better up there, I would just cancel and fly VFR to Camano.
At Crest the overcast was still pretty low so I preflighted, taxied, did my run up, turned off the plane and called Seattle FSS to get a clearance on the ground. Got my clearance and void time, started the plane back up, did the whole before takeoff checklist again, and took off to the south. As I leveled off at 2000, I was still just under the overcast. Just as I went to call ATC, they called me and said they had radar contact and gave me radar vectors. Turn right heading 330 climb and maintain 4000. I gave it throttle, spun the trim back and just like that was in the overcast. The reported tops were around 8000 so I knew we were not going to pop out. We never came out until they got us down to start the approach about 25 minutes later. On final approach we were still in and out of clouds so we landed at Arlington and ended up getting a car ride over to Camano. We could have waited an hour or so and probably flew over VFR but didn't want to wait around all day with the kids.

Lauren's first flight ever

The Kids always seem to fall asleep

Breaking out of the overcast near Arlington

On the ground at Arlington

The kids fell right back asleep on the VFR trip home that afternoon