Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras

Flew down to Madras, OR with Darin to check out the new Erickson Aircraft Collection. This is the collection that used to be located at Tillamook. Because the old blimp hangar in Tillamook is in such disrepair they moved it to Madras.

Last night the forecast looked like it might be marginal VFR getting our of Pierce County but it ended up being clear. To the West and down towards Olympia it was still pretty socked it.

For fun I went ahead and filed an IFR flight plan anyway. It was good practice for a long IFR cross country. Darin decided to ride along with me to see some IFR in action. (He is currently working on his instrument rating.)

What a clear day!

Our flight track

On the ground at Madras.

Here is their B-17. They had moved it down to this hangar for a wedding this evening. (They had a couple other planes inside the hangar including a P-39.) Wow that's gotta be an expensive wedding!

Not sure what the deal is with these airplanes. Looks like they've been sitting there awhile and all of the engines are removed.

This is inside the new museum.

Interesting flaps that also appear to be speed brakes.

Their Focke-Wulf 190 was getting an annual in the hangar next door.

We borrowed this old police car from the FBO and drove into town for some Mexican food.