Flew down to the Olympia Airshow with Lane

With the marginal weather this weekend we hadn't even planned on going to the Airshow. Looking at the weather this morning it looked decent so we decided to go for it. We landed at about 12:25P just before the TFR was to go into affect at 12:45P.

Final for 35 at Olympia

We parked at Jorgenson and had to walk out of the airport then back through the airshow entrance.

The weather was actually quite a bit better than at home and we came pretty close to getting sunburnt.

We knew Fifi was going to be here and really wanted to check her out. (The only flying B-29 in the world)

Somekind of wheel maintenance going on with Fifi.

We took the $5 cockpit tour so we could see the inside.

This tube connects the cockpit area and the rear gunner areas. The guys had to crawl through it to get to the back.

Navigator's position

Engineer's station

This was pretty cool to see too. The Olympic Flight Musuem recently completed their Corsair.